The Boy Human

Me and the boy human have always had… an understanding.

He lives here. I live here. He loves me. I think he is pretty okay. He waits on me hand and foot… as he should… and I reciprocate with cuddles… occasionally. If you ask me this was always a stellar arrangement! No binding contracts, no expectations… just you know… the finest form of toleration that there was!

That was then… this is now.

Alright anipals… let me explain something to you here. Apparently in the human world if one human bestows upon another human a sparkly piece of jewelry in a circular shape… a binding contract has been formed. Maybe I should expand upon this. It must be a valuable circular object called a “ring” with a fancy overpriced rock on it called a Diamond. This somehow represents an understanding between two humans that they will be forever together… forever.

I don’t really understand the whole thing. Yeah… Diamonds are pretty an all… I fully appreciate the beauty…

Ok, ok… those aren’t real diamonds. But they look the same, right?

So when I saw the… shiny thing on mom’s finger… I wasn’t too concerned.

Until she said we needed to “Talk”.

LITTLE did I know that by accepting such a ring she was accepting the boy human into her life FOREVER! Which means that now that he is a permanent fixture in our home and family that means I must refer to him as…




WHAT?! This can’t be right! Me and mom are single kitties! Two girls on the town! FAMILIARS!

Dad… dad… this whole thing is so weird. I’ve never had a “dad” before.

I guess he is pretty cool. I mean… he plays with me, feeds me kibbles, cuddles me, loves me… and generally treats me like a princess. He even gives me fresh shrimp when he cooks them! Soooo… I mean it could be worse.

I guess the only complaint I have is that he doesn’t let me play on his laptop or sit on the tables. But I guess mom doesn’t really let me do those things either.

Hmm… dad…

I need a little time to process this one anipals…

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  • Hey furriends. Moms sis n law lost her baby 🐶 last night. Any help would be appreciated so the family can focus on…
  • Mary says Now we have Buddy to send greetings. One happy family. Love Cali too especially family. Love Drake , Buddy and Indigo the frog . Thanks for the post that Lilly is updating with her pals.

    Profesjonalna says Awesome post.

    Gina The Min Pin says *sigh* Why must da spammers twy 2 stop our fun? Cuz dey LOSERS, dat's why! *pouts*

    mariodacat says Oh Lily - it's pawful isn't it. I get spammers sometimes too. I can't figure out how they think we'll get the money to buy their products. They are wasting their time spamming us - we have no money!

    Daniel Gonzales Sr. says You & boy human, including your mom are doing a fantastic job with this new blog! I'm trying to send a link of Lilly's kitty lounge to my niece Ashtian who lives in Bakersfield,CA. She has a pet kitty in her apartment. She's my son's Daniel Jr. daughter. I think she would love your blog. I saw her kitty's picture on Facebook.

    LilyLuWhoT says LOVE the new blog Lilly! So crisp & clean - and a lovely pink too! Sorry you didn't get the bug - maybe next time! Always so happy to see you my pawsome #LilysRule furiend! ((HUGS)) Luv yoo! oxO

    Mary G says Drake says "hi" and we all love the new website. Be easy when the Boy Human returns since he has been eating lotsa garlic fries and whew his breathe may not so pleasant. LOL Enjoy the Atlanta sun and have a great day. :)