Anti-Valentine’s Day

Dearest Anipals,

You will never believe what mom did. As you know, I have been putting up with a lot lately. Crazy schedules… crazy behavior… and through it all I have still remained loyal!

But this friends, is the last straw,

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day of love, of appreciation, of dedication! Mom should be smothering me with gifts and tuna and milk! But no.. instead… I get THIS…


A vet appointment is the symbol of ANTI-LOVE! How could she schedule a vet appointment… and on VALENTINE’S DAY no less! This is just pure and utter cruelty!

And after all that I do for her…

Honestly. I should just cut out spooky hunting all together as punishment.

I’m so appalled I can’t even write.

Until tomorrow anipals.

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Unspeakable Acts of Human Evil

Good morning anipals!

How are you all doing today? I am doing pretty well… mom is off today so I am requiring that she focuses all her attention on me. She knows she owes me due to the various acts she has committed in the last couple week… completely UNACCEPTABLE acts of kitty cruelty. Am I being dramatic? Perhaps… but she really does owe me!

Now you know how I always say sharing is caring? Well mom made the most amazing… delicious looking meal I had seen in awhile!

She placed it on the table right in front of me! I thought for sure it was going to be the best day ever!!

Until I tried to eat it.

I was DENIED! Note the arm blocking me from the feast! If placing this delicious plate of turkey bacon with eggs and veggies in front of me without letting me nom isn’t cruel… then I don’t know WHAT is! Can you believe it?!

Let me tell you, I was definitely upset about this incident. But humans mess up every now and then… they can’t help themselves. We have to learn to forgive them for these small indiscretions… but unfortunately this was not the last thing that happened that week!

I was preparing for a nice weekend with mom when all of a sudden the kibble bowl got filled to the brink. Usually I would celebrate this action… but we all know when mom puts in extra kibbles that means she is LEAVING!

That’s right… she left me. She left me and visited my cousins in Chicago.WITHOUT ME! How dare she…

That would be Speedy in the forefront and Vincent in the background. My cousins… who for some reason insist on stealing mom every now and then!

Another unspeakable act of human evil.

Doesn’t she know she is supposed to be here to wait on me day and night? Doesn’t she know that I am her main purpose for existance?! Just awful!

I wish this were the end my friends… but there is one more tale to tell…

Apparently the weather gods decided that they wanted to torture me and my fellow human beings. Instead of a regular frigid winter last week the temperature decided to drop to ridiculous levels such as -30 degrees! While I was thankful to be inside I was NOT thankful that the humans could NOT seem to get the apartment warm!

I was not pleased with the fact that I had to give up on my no blankets policy and allow mom to put one over me. Usually I would not stand for this but I was COLD!

And unfortunately the pawparazzi was there to catch me in this rare moment…

Of all the nerve…

So clearly mom owes me. I hope she doesn’t repeat any of these despicable acts any time soon.

Until then… I will be using her as a human couch until she cries uncle for her deeds.

Later anipals! Meow on!

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Pet Insurance

Dearest Anipals,

Today I am featuring a special blog brought to you by Trupanion Pet Insurance.

It is no secret that us kitties hate the vet. But that doesn’t even begin to compare to how much our humans hate vet bills! MOL!

I always try and convince mom that she can just forego those expenses and leave me free of the vet… but unfortunately she feels my health is a priority and thus the vet visits must continue.

This is where pet insurance can help. Apparently it can cover some of the expenses that our humans incur during our fabulous life adventures!

Here to tell you more about it is Heather Reynolds, an internet journalist for Trupanion Pet Insurance!

Cats are known for being curious and independent animals. They love to explore their surroundings, leaping atop the tallest cupboards and crawling to the back of the darkest corners. And we love them for their inquisitiveness and spunk. But unfortunately, sometimes their snooping around can lead them to hurt themselves.

The truth is that 99.9% of cats, either through genetics or curiosity, will have a major illness or injury in their lifetime. And with veterinary costs rising each year, treatment can get expensive. That is where cat insurance can help.

Pet insurance companies reimburse a portion of your veterinary bills so you can make decisions based on what is the best option for your cat, not which option is the cheapest.

Trupanion, one such pet insurance company, offers one simple plan and pays 90% of actual veterinary costs. While they do not pay for routine pet care such as wellness visits and dental cleanings, they will pay for everything related to accidents and illnesses, including diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications, including hereditary and congenital disorders.

This is how it works: You enroll with Trupanion for a low monthly fee. You choose your fee by increasing or decreasing the deductible you want to pay (anywhere from $0 to $1,000). Your cat becomes sick or injured so you take him or her to the vet. Afterward, you fill out a claim form stating your cat’s diagnosis, what treatment was given, and what you were charged. You send the claim form to Trupanion and Trupanion sends you a check for 90% of the total amount minus the office visit and your chosen deductible, if applicable.

Here is a real-life example: A Bengal cat named Ikkyu Sojun had the unfortunate experience of fracturing his femur bone. He needed X-rays to assess the injury, surgery and pins to fix the damage, and a splint to protect the bone while it healed. The total cost of his veterinary care was $3,975.55. Trupanion reimbursed Ikkyu Sojun’s owner a total of $3,544.29 (90% of the total amount; minus the office visit). Ikkyu Sojun received the best care possible without creating a huge dent in his owner’s bank account.

We only want the best for our feline friends. Cat insurance can give you peace of mind that you will always be able to afford the best health care possible if needed.

Heather Reynolds is a pet lover and internet journalist at Trupanion. Feel free to contact her with any questions related to pet insurance at

Well anipals I hope that helped you to learn a little bit more about pet insurance! If you have any questions feel free to contact Heather Reynolds or e-mail me and I will see what I can find out!

Until tomorrow anipals! Meow on!

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Happy New Years!

Good morning anipals!

Happy Monday and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t believe that 2010 is already over! It went by so quickly! Thanksgiving marked my first year in the blogosphere… and I tell you anipals I have enjoyed every last minute of it! Thank you ALL for your follows and friendships! May you all have the happiest of New Years filled with lots of kibbles, love, and furry hugs!

Not a whole lot has been going on since the New Years. Mom spent most of the evening with friends which meant extra attention for me! I enjoyed this… the only down side was that she would not let me help with the puzzle…

She said I was interfering with the progress… obviously she did not appreciate my superior puzzle building skills!

That’s okay.. next time she leaves the pieces out I will take that opportunity to prove her wrong!

In other news, the Badgers lost the Rose Bowl. Mom was depressed… I was just disappointed. I mean common… I dressed up and EVERYTHING!

If I were there in person I am sure the outcome would have been different…

Oh well, the New Year has arrived and it is time to move on to other exciting things!

I just have to figure out what that is…


Until tomorrow anipals! Meow on into 2011!

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The Holidays

Oh the holidays….

When the weather gets colder…

Where presents start to appear under the tree…

When humans feel it is okay to commit indignities such as this…

Seriously, what is it about the holidays that makes the humans go cuckoo? If you think we get stuck with some crazy outfits come Halloween…. think again!

I mean at least for Halloween I got to be a super hero. This is just ridiculous…

I think mom has developed a case of the holiday crazies.

Last year she decorated simply and did productive things… like making me toys.

This year… well.. it is like Christmas has exploded in our house…

Do you think I should be worried?

Sometimes humans are just crazy. At least there are the simple holiday joys… such as eating the delicious crumbs of sugary treats off the floor! Or playing with wrapping paper!

I just hope mom stops with this costume thing. I don’t know how much more I can take…

Maybe I should just camp out in my tent until New Years…

Well anipals I hope you are having a great Holiday season and that you get all the treats and nummies that you wished for! Until tomorrow!

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The Many Variations of Napping


What an adventure! Who knew that humans would come up with such a brilliant idea that would provide both the excuse to eat lots and lots of food (mainly TURKEY) and then to spend the rest of the day napping! What a dream!

Poor humans… they don’t realize that this is basically the everyday life of the cat… and they only get to live it out one day a year!

In honor of all the festivities, I tried to demonstrate to the humans the many variations of nap positions!

Let us start with one of my favorite and most basic positions!

The Monorail

This position is best when you are trying to lessen the effect of the protruding tummy post feasting! It is also quite comfortable as it gives you the most girth from side to side. For a kitty who has just consumed mass amounts, this position also provides good stability so one is not inclined to fall off the couch!

The Stolen Chair

This position is best when one wants to get the humans attention. Sit in the chair that the humans are most likely to use… this one being my human’s computer chair! Lets see them try to get online with me sitting there!

The Face-plant

When one is extremely tired and full… sometimes it is necessary to experience the face-plant position! Noses will often end up on feet and snoring will commence. It is a great position post meal because it allows your body the most warmth and security for proper digestion!

And last but most certainly not least!

The Traditional Human Pose

This pose necessitates a couch and a remote control. It is most popular when humans are tired and extremely full… although they do use it at many other times! It is an excellent position as not only does it provide you with rest but it also provides entertainment! You can watch Animal Planet as you digest! Best of all once you are no longer full this position allows you to add FOOD! Eat, sleep, and watch tv! Now that is what I call a little slice of heaven! 😉

Well anipals I hope these napping positions prove useful for you! Do know the holiday season is not over yet and that these will come in handy once again before the New Year is up!

Until tomorrow anipals, MEOW ON!

Love, purrs, and nosetaps

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Not That Innocent

Umm… hi

What’s going on anipals? Not much going over here… just been hanging with mom and such.

This weekend was interesting. Why you ask? Well…I have to admit that I was indeed busted this weekend…

I was hoping that mom would never have to see that side of me…

She had left the apartment and I thought I could take that moment to jump on the table and take part in the kibble bag sitting there openly with no barriers to stop me. It would only take a second and it would greatly improve my day!

Well, before I knew it, the door was opening and I was caught red-pawed!

Not only was this bad for my good girl image but it also resulted in the kibbles being moved so I can no longer have secret access to them! Drat!

Oh well, what can I say? I am no perfect kitty (although I try to be pretty close) and therefore I may not follow the rules all of the time!

I was just hoping mom would never find out…


Until tomorrow anipals!

Take the time to keep your secret rituals secret… because for the humans some things are best unknown! 😉

Meow on!

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Pre-Halloween Ponderings

Good morning anipals and happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful. The boy human finished his Halloween costume and thus spent the majority of the weekend scanning me with his new tricorder.

I made sure to keep an eye on him.

He is going to be Spock for Halloween. I still think my costume is cooler…

If he is going to be anyone from Star Trek he should be Data because Data understand what it means to care for a feline friend!

Warf not so much…

But that is besides the point! Are you guys all ready for Halloween? Got any big plans?

As you know Halloween is the time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest and thus I will be doing a massive amount of spooky hunting between now and then. A true spooky hunter never rests… especially not on Halloween!!

Well I should get going! Got some serious Halloween preparations to take care of!

And of course… I’ve got to fit some napping in there somewhere…

Much love, purrs, and nosetaps anipals!


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Human Care

Dearest Anipals,

How are you all doing today? It is an uneventful Monday here in Wisconsin aside from the fact that mom is feeling a bit under the weather. I thought I might take this opportunity to talk about the correct etiquette for caring for humans while they are sick. They don’t realize it, but they really need us to provide love and attention when they are feeling down… otherwise they get quite grumpy!

Here are some tips, straight from me to you!

When humans are sick they get whiney and needy, so it is best to provide for their all around comfort. The first course of action is to figure out what part of their body is ailing them. Then it is your duty to perform purr therapy! For example, if your mom’s leg is hurting, lay directly on the ouchie and emit constant positive purrs…

Don’t be discouraged if your human tries to knock you off. They don’t realize what is good for them and don’t recognize that they need the power of positive purrs!

Don’t be afraid of skin to skin contact. This is most important when humans are feeling gloomy and down. In most cases, the fact that you are caring for a different species will bar you from catching their illness. Now this is no guarantee… so do use good hygiene if you happen to get in the way of a sneeze…

If it is necessary for your human to go out while they are feeling under the weather, it is always nice to preheat their coats for them so that they will leave toasty and happy!

Be willing to assist in daily tasks such as retrieving an item from a purse.

These little conveniences go a long way when humans are feeling ill!

Most importantly, just be there for them. Even if you are simply napping by their feet… they will appreciate your healing proximity!

In the midst of all your hard work, don’t forget to care for yourself. An empty kitty tummy is no way to perform nursing duties!

Anipals I know it is a lot of work, but our humans take care of us and it is our job to help when they start to feel ucky! Plus when they start to feel better the rewards are endless! 😉

I think my efforts today have proven to be effective as mom is finally starting to get up and at ’em.

I shall take this opportunity to nap!

Until tomorrow anipals MEOW ON!

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Good morning anipals,

How is everyone this fine Wednesday morning? I can’t believe the week is half over already! I’ve been so busy lately! Saving the humans from spookies is a full time job! Mom has been working nonstop on my Halloween costume and she finally finished it yesterday. I have to say it is pretty cool… but I am a little afraid as it hits a little toooo close to home. No one is supposed to know my secret identity as a hero…

I guess it’s okay. As long as you, anipals, keep it hushed, I think we should be okay!

Love and purrs to you all,

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