Happy Easter!

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Adoption Tuesday

Good morning anipals and happy Adoption Tuesday!

How are you doing this beautiful morning? Today the cold has given way to a beautiful 60 degree
day. It is the perfect day to feature an important and amazing anipal for Adoption Tuesday!

Today we are featuring a very beautiful princess kitty named Peppermint Patty! She was found wandering alone and is now being taken care of by the Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption Center until she finds her forever home! A shy but kind beauty, here is what the shelter has to say about Peppermint Patty!

Peppermint Patty was found by a concerned citizen and after trying to find her owner with no success, they brought her to APRA. Poor girl, she was left outside, her collar was too tight which irritated her neck and she is front declawed so had no defense when left outside. Coming in to us she was very sweet with her people but we learned she is a bit afraid of the other cats. Peppermint Patty will make a great companion kitty as she so enjoys the company of her people. She loves catnip and little puff ball toys but most of all she loves attention from her person! And true to her Siamese ways, she is a cute little talker!

If you are looking for a declawed kitty who would probably do best in single cat household, please come meet this sweet girl today!

Isn’t she beautiful? What an amazing girl! I remember when I was in the shelter. It wasn’t the ideal place but they took good care of me until I was able to find mom. A forever home is so important to all us anipals in the shelters… it is what we dream of every night before bed. Let’s help Peppermint Patty with her search for a forever home! Anyone would be lucky to have such a sweet and special familiar!

Please help me spread the word about Peppermint Patty! Let’s get her adopted today!

For more information about Peppermint Patty and her adoptions information, check out her page here.

Until later anipals, happy Adoption Tuesday!

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Cousin Romeo

This is my cousin Romeo.

He looks harmless enough, right?

WRONG! He is single-handedly responsible for mom serving me kibbles late!


How dare he?! Who does he think he is?!

You see… last week mom and the boy human… or dad at some unforeseen date in the future… agreed to catsit him.

I thought, okay, no problem… they will go, feed him, and then come back to me.

WRONG again.

They spent hours upon hours over there! So many hours that it resulted in my kibbles often being late!

WE ALL know how important kibble time is! How I insist on it being punctual! So the fact that they were LATE due to spending time with ANOTHER cat! UnACCEPTABLE!

I was just beside myself!

I made my anger clear and their solution? CO HABITATION!

*Sigh* These humans just don’t understand our needs.

So I was taken to the grandparent humans house. I tolerated it. I mean… the house itself is pretty awesome. There is a porch and multiple floors and DELICIOUS wet food (okay… I may have eaten some of Cousin Romeo’s food… but he wasn’t eating it!).

I just don’t understand why humans can’t just stick to a schedule, you know?

Well… I guess it all turned out okay. Mom finished her cat sitting duties and now we are back to a pretty normal schedule.

I just hope she doesn’t make a habit of this… otherwise I will have to make a HABIT of eating Cousin Romeo’s every last kibble!

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The Boy Human

Me and the boy human have always had… an understanding.

He lives here. I live here. He loves me. I think he is pretty okay. He waits on me hand and foot… as he should… and I reciprocate with cuddles… occasionally. If you ask me this was always a stellar arrangement! No binding contracts, no expectations… just you know… the finest form of toleration that there was!

That was then… this is now.

Alright anipals… let me explain something to you here. Apparently in the human world if one human bestows upon another human a sparkly piece of jewelry in a circular shape… a binding contract has been formed. Maybe I should expand upon this. It must be a valuable circular object called a “ring” with a fancy overpriced rock on it called a Diamond. This somehow represents an understanding between two humans that they will be forever together… forever.

I don’t really understand the whole thing. Yeah… Diamonds are pretty an all… I fully appreciate the beauty…

Ok, ok… those aren’t real diamonds. But they look the same, right?

So when I saw the… shiny thing on mom’s finger… I wasn’t too concerned.

Until she said we needed to “Talk”.

LITTLE did I know that by accepting such a ring she was accepting the boy human into her life FOREVER! Which means that now that he is a permanent fixture in our home and family that means I must refer to him as…




WHAT?! This can’t be right! Me and mom are single kitties! Two girls on the town! FAMILIARS!

Dad… dad… this whole thing is so weird. I’ve never had a “dad” before.

I guess he is pretty cool. I mean… he plays with me, feeds me kibbles, cuddles me, loves me… and generally treats me like a princess. He even gives me fresh shrimp when he cooks them! Soooo… I mean it could be worse.

I guess the only complaint I have is that he doesn’t let me play on his laptop or sit on the tables. But I guess mom doesn’t really let me do those things either.

Hmm… dad…

I need a little time to process this one anipals…

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Welcome to Atlanta, GA

Good afternoon anipals!

How are you doing? I am doing pretty good considering everything that has been going on!

Keep Calm and Carry On… that is what the humans have been telling me! It is their key phrase to somehow invoke some sense of normalcy… but if you ask me they have gone cuckoo!

I thought it was weird when the boxes started to appear all over the apartment. All my toys and hiding places started to disappear and it was like they were trying to find every nook and cranny in the entire apartment! I thought they were just losing it until mom had a talk with me.

She told me we were moving! MOVING?! How can we move?! I am a Wisconsin kitty at heart! Adopted from the Dane County Humane Society with my soul and pieces connected to the cheese and dairy that lies all over the state! I have lived here as long as I can remember! How can I not live here anymore?

Despite my reservations the days came and went and the pile of boxes grew taller and taller. The moving truck arrived and after that the apartment became empty. I knew whether I liked it or not we were going.

And so the adventure began…

Into the Bug I went and across many many states we drove. The first day was a trip of 11 hours. It was a long grueling day for the humans… but I did pretty well. Just relaxed and slept the time away! They on the other hand were driving like zombies! Every once in awhile they did let me take a look around the car… just so I wouldn’t get bored.

Needless to say… I preferred the carrier.

The first night on the trip we stayed at a hotel in Tennessee. It was a pretty sweet place! I had plenty of room to roam around which was sweet because I had to check out or new digs!

Day 2 was much easier!

Only about 4 hours and then we arrived!

And where exactly were we?

Atlanta, Georgia!

Imagine my shock when I found out that I was no longer to be a Wisconsin kitty but instead I was to be a Southern Belle!

It was a crazy thought indeed!

All of this change can take a lot out of a kitty. At first I was completely exhausted!

Since then I’ve been adjusting to my new place.

It is actually pretty sweet…

So yup that is what I have been up to. I will keep you guys posted as to how things in Atlanta shape up. It is going to take a little bit of time to get the LKL office all set up and going… but I plan to be here. So tune in to see where we go from here!

Love, purrs, nosetaps, and all that is good to you anipals!


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The Daily Hubbub

Good afternoon anipals! How are you all doing today? I am doing pretty good… just trying as always to make my presence known within this household!

Do you ever notice how humans insist on things going a certain way and are unable to adjust to change?

I mean… sometimes I feel like a prisoner! I have to adhere to their schedule which includes kibble time, nap time, sleep time, and play time!

I feel like a regular visitor to the Kitty Penitentiary! So uncool!

Constantly I hear, “Don’t touch this! Don’t eat that!” I mean what is the deal?! They claim they are watching out for my well-being but…. kitties just wanna have fun, you know?

I guess it isn’t so bad.. maybe I am being a little bit dramatic…

But honestly, I just don’t see what the big deal is!

You may be asking… Lilly, what is this all about? Well… lately I have developed this new… habit . I really don’t understand what all the hype is about but for some reason mom doesn’t seem to like it…

I mean… what is all the hubbub about?! So I like to play in my water bowl… is this too much to ask from the humans? It is a simple pleasure… nothing more! I don’t think I need to explain myself!

And no mom… this does NOT give you warrant to give me a bath!

So there!

Until later anipals… stay strong! Don’t let no humans destroy the little joys in life!

Meow on!

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Happy 2012!

Good afternoon anipals! Long time no see! How is life? Life over here has been pretty good as of late… I can’t believe it is 2012 already! When did that happen? Mom says that I have been being lazy and THAT is why 2011 went by so fast… I have no idea where she got such an idea…

I mean yes… I have been pre-occupied with other things as of late… but it is not like I have been TOTALLY slacking! In between relaxing and taking it easy I have been studying hard on topics for my blog!

I tell you it is hard work! Luckily I found some down time here and there to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Me and mom dressed up as Ninja Turtles for Halloween which I thought was pretty cool…

This outfit was a bit heavier than my cheerios outfit but it wasn’t bad…plus I love the Ninja Turtles! I don’t see why MOM got to be Michealangelo since I am the TRUE pizza fiend! Oh well… what can you do?

As it got colder I tried to stay focused but there was so much going on I could hardly keep one paw in front of the other! Luckily mom made me a Gryffindor scarf to keep me warm!

It was nice and all… but I kind of wished I had a whole cape and hat to match. If you are going to go Gryffindor you have to go ALL out!

Christmas came and went all too quickly… leaving me and the humans slightly discombobulated.There are still Christmas decorations everywhere and I don’t know what to do with them…

At least mom didn’t try to do this again…

Hopefully the humans will get those decorations taken care of asap because Christmas is over and it is time to get going in the new year!

On that note, hope you all had a most fabulous holiday season and a Happy New Year! I hope this year turns out to be as fabulous as you all are! Thanks for reading and here is to an EPIC New Year!

Love, snuggles, nosetaps, and lots of kibbles,

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Teaching Human Boundaries

Dearest Anipals,

How are you doing today? I am doing pretty well… been enjoying the weather as spring slowly arrives!

I had to write though because honestly anipals… mom is driving me crazy.

Okay okay… I know we are familiars and that she enjoys my company…

and admittedly I will seek out her company at times…

but sometimes I just need ME time, you know?

I feel like every time I go to nap or relax in the glory of a spring sun puddle mom is there… taking pictures…

I mean common… how rude is that? When I’m sleeping, I am not at all prepared for the pawparazzi… and it is awful! I most definitely don’t take pictures of her while SHE’S sleeping! What is this crazy lady thinking?

Then she horns in on my territory when clearly I want the whole space for myself!

It’s like common mom… learn to read my signs! We’ve been together for what… about 2 years now.. don’t you know what I want when I want it? For example…

and do take note other humans…

when I am in a position such as this….

it means I am tired and you should not bother me!

On the contrary… a position such as this

is a clear invitation for attention and pets! Study this humans… for if your furry friend performs these moves it means you must stop everything you are doing and attend to their needs! 🙂

Ahh well… what can I do. She will always be there bugging me cause she loves me… even when I am busy grooming or something…

Oh well… I love her.

But apparently she doesn’t love my baths…

MOL… payback!

Well anipals it is time I went to bed! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a fun filled Easter!

Meow on!

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The Finer Things

Good morning anipals! Happy Monday! Can you believe the weekend is over already? I feel like it came and went without a minute to eat extra kibble or play with all my toys!

Mom’s been giving me a bit of hard time though. She says the reason my days have been going by so fast is because I have been napping them away with winter laziness.

Ummm… so whats the problem? She does know that it is in our kitty nature to sleep much of the time! In order to have optimum kitty reserves we must nap a lot. And not only that, we must nap in various places. This is just the way we are and cannot nor should it be changed!

Honestly I think she is just jealous. I think she wishes she were a cat so that she could nap all the time and enjoy the finer things in life such as eating, playing, and cuddling all the time. She wishes she could be superior like us, no necessity of working or anything, just required to relax and be cute.

Ahhh the life of a cat is quite sweet.I can’t blame her for being jealous.

I guess I will just have to try and teach her a few of the finer things in life. I will call it Lilly’s Orientation on the Nature of the Cat Species and How to Live Life to the Fullest. Yes yes… I will be taking reservations starting now.

Until then.. I think I am going to take a nap.

Later anipals!

Love, purrs, and nosetaps,

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Valentine’s Day Heart Wand

Good morning anipals and Happy Valentine’s Day!

I just want to report that I made it through my vet visit without problems. I don’t know why mom even made me go considering I am in perfect health! *Sigh* Whatever.

Well today in honor of Valentine’s Day mom has put together a little project for your humans to do! Check it out!

Love, purrs, and Valentine’s Day snuggles!

Valentine’s Day Kitty Wand


*Make sure to keep an eye on your supplies for kitty intruders*

3 long pipe cleaners in desired colors

1 ball of yarn or string

3 colors of felt

1 pair of scissors

1 large needle

any decorations you would like to add to the wand… such as puff balls

Make sure that you always supervise your cat when playing with and making this wand. Do not leave the toy unattended for kitties enjoyment…as kitty might take advantage of this time to do something that kitty shouldn’t do… like eat string.

1, Take your felt and fold it in half. Cut out a half heart shape.

Do this with all the felt until you get a good amount of hearts.

2. Thread the needle and poke it into the heart. Use the needle to pull the string through.

Once the string is through tie a double knot around the heart.

3. Do this with all the hearts until you have all of them hanging on a string. Vary the length of the strings if you like to make the wand more exciting. 🙂

Put aside for now. Again… watch for kitty intrusions.

4. Take the three pipe cleaners.

Braid them together until you have braided about 1/2 way to 3/4 down the pipe cleaners.

5. Take your hearts on strings and tie them around the pipe cleaner stick you have created.

6. Continue to braid the rest of the pipe cleaners.

Braid any loose string from the knot you tied into the pipe cleaners so that you cannot see them.

7. Once you have completed the braid, fold it over onto itself so that the string part is hanging off the end. Twist the pipe cleaners together.

8. VOILA! Kitty toy extraordinaire!

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Day Project! Remember to always supervise when your kitty is playing with this toy. It is only suitable for cat/human play and should not be left out.

Should it start to fall apart either fix it or replace it,as we want kitty to remain healthy and happy through their playing sessions!

If you would like other ideas check out our Valentine’s Day craft from last year here.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As Lilly would have me say, MEOW ON!

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  • A year ago today we lost our precious Lilly. ❤️🐾 In honor of her today I wrote. Love you kitty.… https://t.co/exHYuPyxsU
  • Mary says Now we have Buddy to send greetings. One happy family. Love Cali too especially family. Love Drake , Buddy and Indigo the frog . Thanks for the post that Lilly is updating with her pals.

    Profesjonalna says Awesome post.

    Gina The Min Pin says *sigh* Why must da spammers twy 2 stop our fun? Cuz dey LOSERS, dat's why! *pouts*

    mariodacat says Oh Lily - it's pawful isn't it. I get spammers sometimes too. I can't figure out how they think we'll get the money to buy their products. They are wasting their time spamming us - we have no money!

    Daniel Gonzales Sr. says You & boy human, including your mom are doing a fantastic job with this new blog! I'm trying to send a link of Lilly's kitty lounge to my niece Ashtian who lives in Bakersfield,CA. She has a pet kitty in her apartment. She's my son's Daniel Jr. daughter. I think she would love your blog. I saw her kitty's picture on Facebook.

    LilyLuWhoT says LOVE the new blog Lilly! So crisp & clean - and a lovely pink too! Sorry you didn't get the bug - maybe next time! Always so happy to see you my pawsome #LilysRule furiend! ((HUGS)) Luv yoo! oxO

    Mary G says Drake says "hi" and we all love the new website. Be easy when the Boy Human returns since he has been eating lotsa garlic fries and whew his breathe may not so pleasant. LOL Enjoy the Atlanta sun and have a great day. :)