In Memoriam: One Year Later

Today marks a year since our sweet Lilly went over the rainbow bridge. I can’t believe it has been a year. I have wanted to write about her so many times but it has just been too difficult. A year later I decided I really wanted to take a moment today to try and write about Lilly and commemorate her in a way that she deserves. We miss her every day and though time helps to heal our hearts there is always going to be a part missing. We love you Lilly, so much. I am so thankful that I have so many wonderful memories and so many great pictures. Chances are if you’ve known me for awhile, you probably knew Lilly pretty well.  If not, let me tell you about her…

I met Lilly on a beautiful day in Madison, Wisconsin. I wanted a cat and my boyfriend at the time, Joe, and his brothers Pat and Chris, came with me to the Humane Society to check out cats. We looked around and didn’t really see anyone. Then we went into a side room and there was this fluffy poofy cat who they had named Henrietta. Her sign said, “Love Bug”, and they couldn’t have described her any better. I remember we all went into the room to meet her and when she came in, she knew she had to make an impression. She walked up to each person and got pets, and I knew I had to have her. So I put her on hold so that I could go home and get supplies, because my plan hadn’t been to actually get a cat that day.

Lilly’s First Minutes Home

The next day I went to pick her up.  I remember as we left the shelter they rang the bell for her adoption and everyone cheered. I was so excited to get her home. As soon as she got to my place she sprawled. I was so happy to have her and I don’t think I could have ever imagined the bond that we would form. That was in 2008.

Lilly’s First Day Home

Some things you should know about Lilly. She was a Wisconsin kitty at heart. She loved cheese, turkey, and anything dairy. She found ice cream to be irresistible. Lilly was always pretty good about not bothering you when you were eating… that is… unless it was ice cream. Then all bets were off and she was going to get that ice cream whether you liked it or not. I remember one particular night after eating ice cream, I was laying in bed and I heard a noise. I walked into the kitchen and saw her sitting in the sink (yes… IN the sink) licking the left over ice cream out of a bowl. What a poof.

Wisconsin Gal at Heart

Lilly loved cuddles. She was my constant companion. If I sat down, she sat on me. If I went in the other room, she followed. Every night when I went to sleep she would crawl up on my chest and purr and purr and purr and I would pet her until I was just about to fall asleep. Then she would carefully climb off me and lay at the bottom of the bed and go to sleep.

Nothing is better than kitty kisses in the morning. Lilly loved to give lots of head butts and purrs.

She was also known to get particularly insistent with these if she was hungry. If she got locked out of the room for trying to get us up too early, she was known to shake the door like the incredible hulk. She also learned how to open doors… so you had to lock them. If there is one thing you should know, Lilly’s food times were not to be trifled with. She demanded a regular schedule and would have none of it if you missed it. I remember many a time me and Joe would arrive home from being out a little too late in Wisconsin and we would look up to see her peering out at us from in between the blinds. I would look up and see her… but she would wait there until Joe looked up too. Once she had made eye contact with both of us she would give us both her immense look of disapproval and then veer off behind the blinds so that she could be at the door to greet us with her voiced protest once we got up the stairs. Do not mess with Lilllifur Binx’s food schedule!

Dinner Time!

Lilly always smelled amazing. She loved to stretch out in the sunlight and because of this her fur always smelled warm and soft. When I would take big whiffs of her fur, as I often did, she would smell like the sun. Everything warm and sunshiny.

I bought a stroller once. She wasn’t too fond of it, but she humored her mother and let me push her around. One of my favorite memories of Lilly in the stroller is when she realized she could ride in it with the top down, and Joe pushed her around the house chasing our other cat Romeo, and pretending to be a Star Wars fighter plane. She loved it! Romeo… not so much.

Lilly & The Stroller

She and Romeo actually ended up being quite good friends. I remember when we were going to move in with my parents and Romeo I was so worried for her. Romeo is a big, burly, loud, demanding old crotchety man kitty. Love him, but this is who he is. We were so afraid that he would beat her up, or scare her, or just bother her. We never could have guessed the little fighter we had. Lilly took no guff, and Romeo was enamored. He constantly followed her around, wanting to play.

Every once in a while Lilly would humor him. Welcome to WrestleMania Cat Edition! All we would hear was MEOWLInG like serious injuries were occurring, and we would come around the corner and they would both be just sitting there looking at us like, what? They would play until Lilly got tired and then she would end the fight by body slamming Romeo into the ground… and he loved it. They became quite the team, even partnering up to steal chicharrones from the counter. Romeo let her know where they were, since he was too old to get to them, and Lilly obliged. I remember the day I came down and saw them sitting in a circle, staring at a poor misguided lizard that had made his way into the house. That lizard did not know what he had just walked into! Luckily my dad was able to save him from further trauma… but those two were definitely working together! They became quite happy with each other’s companionship and spent many a day together sunning on the screened in porch, taking on the world.

Partners in Crime

Lilly was a very well-traveled kitty. She probably lived in more places than a lot of people do in their own lifetimes. She lived in Wisconsin for many years. She had a wonderful vet there, Dr. Miller, who took such great care of her and remains my absolute favorite vet after all of these years. Thank you so much Dr. Miller, if you ever see this, for the time, care, and attention you took with Lilly. She loved every moment of it.

Lilly then traveled to Atlanta, GA in the back of a VW bug. She reportedly did better than both her humans on the drive.

After that she made a grand tour across the US, driving from Atlanta, GA all the way to Mountain View, California. I am so happy she got to experience that and to feel the warmth of the California sun on her coat. She truly enjoyed her time in California and I am glad she got to experience this before she passed.

Arrived in California

There are so many stories, memories, pictures, and blogs that exist because of Lilly. Not only was she known to her immediate family but she came to be a bit of a Twitter fanatic. Lilly loved the attention. She was a true diva. I have never seen a cat pose so flawlessly for pictures as Ms. Lilly did. I have never seen a cat so pleased with peoples attention when they commented on her new collar. She truly lived for the spotlight. I would like to say thank you to all of her followers and furriends. You have all enriched mine and Lilly’s lives in so many more ways than you know. I know that she would be sending you all purrs and nosetaps right now and telling you to Meow On! Her signature phrase! Her online community truly became family, and I hope that through her blogs, pictures, and posts you were able to feel the joy and happiness that filled Lilly’s soul and those around her.

Lilly was love. Selfless, unconditional love. I miss her every day. Anyone who has had a pet, had a familiar, had a fur family, knows how truly deep the connection is and how unbelievably special animals are. They are not just pets, they are family. They give us more than we could ever give them and they ask nothing of us but love. Love them back. Treat them with respect. Take care of them because they are truly special.

I love you Lilly. I will forever love you and continue to keep your memory alive. Rest in love and peace over the rainbow bridge. I hope you get to smoosh all the ladybugs you want over there and that you get unlimited ice cream and cheese.



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